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Too much coloring and straightening can take its toll, but with an OLAPLEX treatment at day&night Hairdressers in Amsterdam, your hair quickly regains its health. OLAPLEX repairs damaged hair bonds, making your locks stronger, shinier, and fuller. Our stylists also use OLAPLEX preventively during treatments to protect and strengthen your hair.

  • The best protection during color treatments
  • Hairstylists with many years of experience
  • Suitable for bleaching, highlights, balayage and more

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“My hairstylist Geaneta is truly impressive. For years her magical hands have ensured that my hair and full look is described as ‘breathtaking’.”
– Sharlexa (translated from Dutch)

Why OLAPLEX is essential for every coloring session

At day&night Hairdressers, we understand the importance of healthy hair, especially during color treatments. That’s why we consistently choose OLAPLEX. This revolutionary treatment works at the molecular level to repair damaged bonds within the hair structure. The result? Vibrant hair that, even after intensive coloring sessions, remains strong and damage-free.

OLAPLEX is our go-to choice to ensure that every color treatment, from bleaching to balayage, makes your hair not only more beautiful, but healthier.


OLAPLEX added with colour treatmentFrom € 30
OLAPLEX as stand-alone treatmentFrom € 55

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The OLAPLEX procedure step by step

At each visit for a color treatment in our salon, OLAPLEX is carefully integrated to optimally protect and strengthen your hair. For example, we start by adding OLAPLEX to the color formula, protecting the hair structure during the coloring process. In addition, we use OLAPLEX as a separate treatment to maximize hair recovery and strengthening. This ensures that at every stage of the coloring process, your hair is treated with the utmost care, with health and vitality being paramount.

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The science behind OLAPLEX

OLAPLEX’s innovative technology repairs broken bonds within the hair and transforms it from the inside out. It is not only recommended for color-treated hair, but can also work wonders for sun-damaged natural hair, for example. The pioneering OLAPLEX technique allows us to push the boundaries of hair transformations while protecting its health and quality.

After an OLAPLEX treatment, your hair feels rejuvenated, looks healthier and shows improved shine and manageability. Experience the joy of stronger hair, with improved texture and vitality.

“Great hair doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment.”

OLAPLEX treatment in Amsterdam at day&night

At day&night Hairdressers in Amsterdam, your hair gets the care it deserves with an OLAPLEX treatment. Our procedure begins with careful preparation and the application of the OLAPLEX mask, which we leave in for deep recovery. Your hair comes out fuller, shinier and softer, ready to be styled.

Our salons are also open in the evening and on Sundays, for a perfect match with your busy life. With our dedicated stylists, flexible opening hours and the finest coffee, day&night offers not only top-quality service, but also a personal touch to your hair treatment.

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OLAPLEX at home care

To maintain the benefits of OLAPLEX after your salon visit, we offer a range of home products. These are specially designed to support and prolong the effects of your salon treatments, from the OLAPLEX No. 3 Hair Perfector to the OLAPLEX No. 4 & 5 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner. Each product contributes to the ongoing restoration and maintenance of your hair, so you can give your hair the same quality care at home for the best results.

Explore the OLAPLEX product line

  • No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment: prepares hair for optimal OLAPLEX results.
  • No. 3 Hair Perfector: repairs and strengthens hair at home.
  • No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo: cleanses and nourishes while maintaining bonds.
  • No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner: hydrates and detangles while protecting bonds.
  • No. 6 Bond Smoother: smooths the hair and adds shine.
  • No. 7 Bonding Oil: provides heat protection and shine.
  • No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask.

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Frequently asked questions about OLAPLEX

Want to know more about our OLAPLEX treatment in Amsterdam? Below you can read the most frequently asked questions. For more information about this treatment you can also contact one of our salons.

1.     What exactly does OLAPLEX do?

OLAPLEX repairs damaged bonds within the hair, making it stronger, healthier and shinier. This treatment is ideal for hair damaged by coloring, sun exposure, thermal styling and other chemical treatments.

2.     Is OLAPLEX suitable for all hair types?

Yes, OLAPLEX is designed for all hair types and hair textures, including colored and natural hair. The goal is to restore and strengthen hair regardless of condition.

3.     Why should I choose an OLAPLEX treatment at day&night Hairdressers?

At day&night Hairdressers, we use OLAPLEX to ensure the ultimate protection and restoration of your hair during and after color treatments. Our experienced stylists make sure your hair looks and feels its best.

4.     How often should I undergo an OLAPLEX treatment?

The frequency depends on the condition of your hair and your personal goals. The effects may last until your next color service, depending on home care. Some clients choose to have a treatment with every color session, while others use it once in a while for maintenance.

5.     Can OLAPLEX change my natural hair texture?

No, OLAPLEX is designed to restore the internal structure of the hair without changing its natural texture. Your hair will feel and look healthier, but your natural texture will be preserved.